DASHENG magnet controlled gastrointestinal capsule endoscope system

Gastroenterology in one view

Dasheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscopy System

The Da Sheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetic Control Capsule Endoscopy System is an important tool for gastrointestinal disease screening, consisting of 6 core components: gastrointestinal all-in-one capsule endoscope, image receiving storage, operating table, activator, magnetic control device and image analysis software.It has been awarded as a Class III medical device registration certificate by the NMPA. its installation site at requires only 7.5m2. It can be used in multiple scenarios and is highly applicable. One can easily complete the examination of the stomach cavity in 10~15 minutes.After wearing the portable image receiving storage, the intestinal examination can be completed in about 8 hours, during which time the normal life and rest can be completed. It is a good choice for gastrointestinal examination and a good assistant for doctors' accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Gastrointestinal integration for early screening

  • Numeric Intelligence Capsules: 1 capsule, 1 check to see the gastrointestinal tract

  • Magnetic control device: upgraded function,smaller size, installation site only 7.5m2, multi-scene use, strong applicability

  • Intelligent image analysis system: integrated manipulation, viewing, reading, reporting and data management, AI-assisted, intelligent film reading to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment

  • Da Sheng Cloud Platform: the long-distance image read,remote medical manipulation assistance, promoting the sharing of superior medical resources, and promoting graded treatment

Mouse, joystick dual control mode

One-handed mouse operation, two-handed joystick control, easy to learn and understand One-button reset Efficient checking

Unique advantages

Da Sheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscopy System is a comprehensive technical upgrade that allows one capsule to complete the gastrointestinal examination in one check, which greatly improving the efficiency and comfort of the gastrointestinal examination, and help doctors to diagnose efficiently.It also make the examination experience more comfortable for the patient.

  • Wet density design: 2.7g mini capsules, easy to take, easy to drain and easy to control

  • Lightweight lapband: new upgraded lapband receiver for stress-free wear and normal life during bowel screening

  • Magnetically controlled positioning: no intubation and no anaesthesia, magnetically controlled technology ensures precise displacement of the capsule and rapid completion of the stomach examination

  • Patented triple lens: image distortion rate <5%, resolution up to 11 lp/mm, LED brightness up to 2700 Lux, overall agreement with intubated gastroscope up to 94.41%

  • Multi-segment variable frame: variable frame rate to suit different examination site requirements, enhanced wireless signal, better penetration, reduced frame drops, black screens and missed diagnoses

  • Technically empowering: red and blue light image enhancement technology, which helps to determine the degree of improvement in HP infection and mucosal inflammatory response, resulting in a clearer lesion.