Adhering to the core concept of "when the people are in the right place, the company is in the right place", we use standardised systems and methodological tools to employ and train people in a scientific, rational, three-dimensional and comprehensive manner.

Encounter with Jifu

Here we meet a new version of ourselves, full of enthusiasm and putting that enthusiasm into practice. We are a multicultural and international team where different fields of wisdom meet to find more possibilities.


Global Research and Development Experts


PhD, Master's degree holders


985 and 211 degree holders

We Believe...

  • Insight into needs

    We are adept at listening to individual clinical needs, and all departments from product development, marketing and after-sales are committed to providing personalised product solutions for our customers.

  • Innovation in practice

    Focusing on health, we insist on independent innovation and aspire to use advanced technology and scientific processes to develop innovative products for the benefit of more patients.

  • Focus on technology

    As a strong promoter in the field of digestive health, we have been focusing on high-tech research in digestive tract screening for more than a decade, and have always been driven by innovative technology to overcome difficulties and alleviate people's pain points.

  • Improving diagnosis and treatment

    We are constantly exploring the path of innovation to broaden the application areas of our products, improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy, and provide better and more convenient solutions for doctors and patients.