The China Great Bay Area Digestive tract diagnosis and treatment summit forum and JIFU Da Sheng New Product Release Conference

On July 24, 2022 "Healthy China Strategy" The China Great Bay Area Digestive tract diagnosis and treatment summit forum and JIFU Da Sheng New Product Release Conference was successfully held at the Shenzhen Huaqiaocheng InterContinental Hotel.As the first global digestive tract diagnosis and treatment summit forum in the the China Great Bay Area,with the support of dozens of associations including Shenzhen Health Care Commission, Nanshan District Health Care Commission, Guangzhou Health Care Commission, Shenzhen Medical Devices Association, Shenzhen Medical Association, Shenzhen Hospital Association,Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association and Shenzhen Huizhihai Technology Industrial Co Ltd,the forum was organised by Shenzhen JIFU Medical Technology Co Ltd and co-organised. It aims to promote China's digestive tract diagnosis and treatment industry to be in line with international standards, strengthen academic exchanges in the field of digestive tract medicine at home and abroad, and help the development of the digestive tract industry diagnosis and treatment by creating an international influential digestive tract health industry forum.

On the day of the forum, more than a hundred experts and leaders, doctors and scholars, representatives of associations, business leaders and media guests from domestic and international fields related to the digestive tract industry attended the summit.The State Council Medical Reform Office, the National Health Care Commission, Health China Health Promotion Ambassador, Ji Hanping, Deputy Director of the Popularisation Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society, Cai Zhiming, President of the Shenzhen Medical Association, and Wu Liangxin, Chairman of Shenzhen JIFU Medical Technology Company Limited, attended the forum and delivered speeches.

As the host of the forum, Mr. Wu Liangxin, Chairman of JIFU Medical, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the forum. Mr. Wu pointed out that the current situation of digestive tract cancer in China is not optimistic, and called on all sectors of society to actively respond to the implementation of the Health China 2030 Plan and accelerate the pace of implementing early digestive tract cancer prevention actions. As a high-tech enterprise in the field of capsule endoscopy, JIFU Medical is committed to promoting early digestive tract cancer screening in millions of households, and promotes the convening of this forum in the hope of providing a good cooperation and exchange platform for all sectors and actively contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of the digestive tract in China.

In his speech, Director Ji Hanping said that people's health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national wealth, and that prevention is the most economical and effective health strategy.Director Ji Hanping mobilised to actively participate in the promotion and guidance of sound science and technology with the Party's leadership as the core, and to join hands with JIFU Medical to promote the Health China Initiative.

President Cai Zhiming said that JIFU Da Sheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetic Control Capsule Endoscopy System is painless and non-invasive, breaking through the traditional endoscopy model, with a wide range of applications, and is of great importance in promoting early screening of the digestive tract in China. President Cai Zhiming also highlighted the importance of early screening science for digestive tract tumours and regular medical check-ups. As for the future outlook of capsule endoscopy , President Cai believed that it is expected to be combined with robotics to capsule endoscopy to perform biopsy of the target area to provide a pathological basis for diagnosis.

Some of the experts and leaders who could not be present at the meeting also sent video greetings. Professor Jin Zhendong, Executive Director of the Department of Gastroenterology at Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Director Ding Shigang of the Department of Gastroenterology at Peking University Third Hospital, Director Zou Dowu of the Department of Gastroenterology at Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, former Deputy Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Chairman of the Founding Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen Zhuang Lixiang, Second Inspector of the Shenzhen Health and Health Commission Sun Meixiang and President Wu Song of South China Hospital, expressed their blessings for the China Great Bay Area Digestive tract diagnosis and treatment summit forum and affirmed the organiser, JIFU Medical, for its efforts in promoting the event.

Then, with the presence of the guests, Ji Hanping, Wu Liangxin, Cai Zhiming and other nine invited leaders joined hands to launch the forum.After the launching ceremony, we entered into the theme sharing session of the summit forum. Ms. Jia Jing, Chief Consultant of China Enterprise Talent Development Think Tank, Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Peking University, President Cai Zhiming of Shenzhen Medical Association and Professor Jin Zhendong of Department of Gastroenterology of Hai Changhai Hospital gave corresponding keynote speeches by live or video.

In her speech, Ms. Jia Jing explained "JIFU Medical's technological innovation development" from the perspective of "big health ecology in the era of digital economy", she believed that in the era of information technology, the health industry has been given a new ecology, in which countless high-tech enterprises like JIFU Medical with She believes that in the information age, the health industry has been given a new ecology, in which numerous high-tech enterprises, like JIFU Medical, with artificial intelligence technology as their core, urgently need to change their corporate management mindset and build their technological practices on a solid foundation of innovation and development, in order to better lead their high-quality development.

In his keynote speech on "The Future of the Hospital", President Cai Zhiming said that in the era of big data, achieving cross-border integration is the direction of exploration for the construction of the hospital of the future, and that the new model of the hospital of the future supported by the big data platform can effectively change the concept of "medical care over prevention", promote the prevention gate forward, control the occurrence and development of major diseases from the source, and promote the development of the health industry. This is similar to JIFU Medical's digestive tract early screening initiative.

"Gastrointestinal cancers are “the number one cancer ”in the country, and poor screening and diagnosis rates are the main reason for their high mortality rate. Early diagnosis and screening is the most effective way to improve its survival rate." Professor Jin Zhendong said. He gave an in-depth analysis around the topic of early screening for cancer prevention through a video-recorded sharing. He started from the current situation that there are not enough endoscopists for gastric cancer screening and patients' poor acceptance of electronic gastroscopy, and highlighted that magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy can be applied to asymptomatic people for gastrointestinal cancer screening due to its features such as no intubation and no anaesthesia, which can effectively improve the early diagnosis rate of gastrointestinal cancer, and that the Dasheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscopy System, with its simple mouse magnetic control operation, can precise be positioned and is of wide range of applications.It can quickly train endoscopists and relieve the pressure on endoscopy departments for examinations, Professor Jin said that expanding the application of the Da Sheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetic Control Capsule Endoscope can effectively help improve the early diagnosis rate of digestive tract cancers in China.

As one of the highlights of the forum, JIFU Medical's new Dasheng product, the Dasheng Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetic Control Capsule Endoscopy System, was brilliantly unveiled at the venue. Chairman Wu Liangxin said frankly that, as another masterpiece of the Da Sheng brand, this innovative artificial intelligence technology is deeply integrated with medical treatment, which is a set of capsule-type integrated gastrointestinal examination equipment with more than 200 patents, the new product has both gastrointestinal segmentation and integrated examination functions, only one capsule can complete the gastrointestinal examination at one time, for clinical application, treatment efficiency, high-definition imaging, digital intelligence system, signal upgrade. The new device will bring you the ultimate experience in terms of clinical application, treatment efficiency, high-definition imaging, digital intelligence, signal upgrade and equipment space, and will better help doctors to efficiently and comprehensively assess the health of the digestive tract, effectively enhancing the gastroscopy capability in China and giving users a more comfortable and safe new experience.

Chairman Wu Liangxin said that JIFU spares no effort in product innovation and research, striving to achieve the best and broaden its application scenarios. It is believed that with the continuous upgrading of product technology and the support of medical insurance and national policies, this comfortable way of early screening of digestive tract tumours will become popular among millions of families, and Dasheng series of capsule endoscopes will benefit more people in the future.In the roundtable discussion, Dr. Lei Qifang,the moderator of the Department of Science and Education of South China Hospital, Shenzhen University, used the origin of the birth of the Great Sage as a topic to draw inspiration, and the leaders of the experts had a fierce collision of thoughts and brains on the development trend of capsule endoscopy, the establishment of artificial intelligence digital twin system and the opportunities and challenges of the digestive tract industry.

Chairman Wu Liangxin of JIFU Medical reviewed the development history of JIFU and explained the origin and significance of the birth of the Dasheng series of products, and shared the future planning of the Dasheng series and the health mission which is responsible for.Li Aimin, Director of the Department of Gastroenterology at Southern Hospital, said that theDasheng  Gastrointestinal All-in-One Magnetic Control Capsule Endoscopy is an important complementary modality to traditional electronic endoscopy, with the advantages of being non-invasive and painless, and with low application risks, which can be an important option for early screening of digestive tract cancers for the general public in China.

Director Ji Hanping pointed out that the “Health China Action 2030” clearly calls for cancer prevention and treatment to be an important part of the Health China Action, and early screening for digestive tract cancers is even more of a priority. In focusing on the optimization and upgrading of early digestive cancer screening and early diagnosis methods, JIFU Medical's Dasheng series of products have hit the pain points of early digestive cancer screening and played a role in promoting the realization of a healthy China.

Jieruo Gu,the Director of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University,  pointed out that in addition to common immune-related enteropathies (e.g. Crohn's disease, dermatomyositis involving the intestine, etc.), NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) related small intestinal mucosal damage may be more common and insidious, and small intestinal capsule endoscopy can detect NSAIDs related small intestinal mucosal damage at an early stage, while rheumatologists can provide early and individualized treatment based on patient heterogeneity. Individualised treatment according to patient heterogeneity. For this reason, small bowel capsule endoscopy is increasingly used in clinical practice and has become the first-line screening modality for small bowel disease.

Huang Silin, Director of the Department of Gastroenterology, South China Hospital, Shenzhen University, believes that although electronic endoscopy is a good tool for early screening of gastrointestinal tumours, it is invasive and has low public acceptance; allowing patients to swallow a capsule to complete the gastrointestinal examination, with high product compliance, is an important direction for future gastrointestinal examination.

It is a crystallization of scientific and technological development, and has a significant power to promote the realization of the dream of a healthy China.

After the forum, JIFU Medical held the prelude of  “Da Sheng GO Health”----2022 Da Sheng Digestive Health Early Screening China Tour in Shenzhen.JIFU conducted a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with the preparatory group of the Gastrointestinal Disease Professional Committee of the Guangdong Association of Chinese Medicine and Wellness, and reached a medical Internet strategic cooperation alliance signing with Guangzhou Yuan Kang Jian Information Technology Co. The two strategic cooperation agreements were reached on the spot, adhering to the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual promotion and win-win cooperation", integrating their respective resources and technical advantages, focusing on the field of digestive tract health screening, and carrying out in-depth cooperation around the popularization and promotion of the Dasheng series of capsule endoscopes, academic seminars and other aspects to jointly promote the popularization of early digestive tract cancer screening in China to millions of families.

As the first summit forum for China Great Bay Area Digestive tract diagnosis and treatment,the summit brought together the strengths of many organizations to build a platform for fully exchange and cooperation among all sectors of society, to protect life with scientific and technological wisdom, and to add bricks to the development of a healthy China with practical actions. The summit has laid the foundation for jointly promoting the development of the digestive tract in a healthy China and improving the level of digestive tract tumor prevention and treatment in China, and has provided strong support for empowering the "Healthy China Action".